Many people take plumbers and their service seriously until they get something wrong in their plumbing system.  Plumbing is not that easy as it appears to us.  The owners who have complex plumbing system face much problem and inconvenience.   If at all such owners try to repair themselves the plumbing system they may cause much damage than it was initially.

For such tasks people called plumbers are appointed who specialize in installation and repair of pipes installed in the house for the purpose of carrying water, sewage or even gas.  A plumber’s work involves all that is related to the pipes.  He determines where the pipes are to be laid and as well as also involves in doing so.  He connects pipes to external equipments like sinks, shower, washing machines etc.  His work also involves installing and repairing gas lines that are used for cooking and heating.  The most common problem in homes we face is chocked drains and pipes due to accumulation of hair strands, detergent soap and even food items.  For such problems it is wise to opt for a professional plumber service.

In finding a plumber we take no time but finding a good plumber is a great thing as there are many plumbers who advertise themselves either online or through any other sources but we must take into consideration factors like:

License: a plumber’s license gives us a view of his participation in the training required for a plumber.

Charges:  the charges of a plumber generally are on hourly basis.

Additional charges: additional charges may include transportation, materials, or emergency charges.

Warranty: many plumbers offer warranty on their services. Such warranty may last from one month to six months.

Plumbers are indispensable part of our lives as they give services in case of emergency and also secure plumbing systems of our homes and their services are priceless.


Most of us are dependable on Air conditioners and they have become a vital part of our lives.  But many of us pay little attention upon air conditioning services.  We realize importance of its maintenance only when our air conditioning unit stops working or beaks down suddenly.  An air conditioning unit is very complicated system and it requires periodical and regular maintenance so as to enjoy its uninterrupted services.  An aircon unit without maintenance will cause significant hike in the electricity bills and it will lose its original efficiency for about 5 percent.

A good air conditioning servicing should include:

Cleaning foils of fan and blowers.

Checking the compressor and operating pressures and temperatures of the system.

Oiling of fan motors.

Other than servicing of air conditioning, one should buy good filters and change them regularly so as to ensure high levels of comforts.  Always the exterior units of the air conditioner must be cleaned with a moist and clean cloth so as to prevent any dirt and bacteria to form outer layer on the unit.

As air conditioning unit need timely service a good contractor must be appointed for such task.  He must be skilled and trained and must ensure 100 percent satisfaction to his service.  Many HVAC contractors often provide such services all the 24 hours and throughout the week.  We must make hold of small points while making our air conditioning serviced.  Firstly we must make sure that the service provider or technician cleans air conditioning unit properly and he is using correct chemicals for cleaning.  If he cleans the air con with brush or vacuum, this may prove harmful to our health.

Always a large or at least half inch drainage pipe for split unit air conditioning units must be used as unsized pipe will always cause choke.

A full range quality service must be ensured from the contractor. As prompt and safe services can always get good impression and better references on the part of the contractor providing services.


HVAC salary is a general question in the minds of the people who are in the field of HVAC and also the persons aspiring for this field. The answer to such question is education and knowledge of a technician.  An HVAC technician must be required to know about the installation, maintenance and repair of a unit.  He must have knowledge about the theories and practices for solving a system that does not work properly.

There are many different levels of HVACs technicians depending upon their experience and knowledge.  The higher the level goes the more he is paid.

A non certified technician’s anticipated yearly salary is that of $25000.  He works with the HVAC technician as helper.  They are also called apprentices and they belong to the HVAC schools for certification along with the job.

Certified HVAC technician generally earn a yearly salary of $30000-$55000. These technicians generally have Associates Degree in HVAC.

HVAC sales professionals are mostly commissioned based but their expected salary generally comes up to $100000 a year. These are the sales staff and some of them with education become HVAC certified technicians.

HVAC engineer mainly earns $72000 a year and this position requires advanced education and skills.

When our pipes get repaired and drains get blocked one person who come into our mind is a plumber.  Plumbing has become such a field which is not affected by the changes in the economy.  A plumber generally earns his income on hourly basis. An apprentice plumber earns less than the professional and seasonal plumber. An apprentice gets $18000 a year but a master plumber earns nearly $45000 a year.  However, the average salary of a plumber is $27000 a year.

The highly paid plumbers earn up to $50000 and they are licensed and these include journeyman plumber, plumber technician and pipe fitter.

Hence, HVAC and plumbing technicians earn much as far as they educate themselves and get trained by constant work experience.

Daniel Branden, a great HVAC Technician has clearly mentioned about HVAC Salary and Plumbing Salary in his personl blog